January 23 2012

1. K had a concert on Saturday that I was able to go see! It was the sort of things where fourteen small bands send members, they learn the music at 9:00 a.m., and perform at 2:00 p.m. For all that, it was fun, and I was glad to see K perform.

2. The kids made dinner on Saturday evening! Well, mostly. They picked the ingredients from what we had available, did 80% of the chopping, picked the spices and flavors they wanted, and did all the stirring. What resulted was imperfect but absolutely edible.

3. The overalls for my cosplay arrived. They need to look battered and broken-in, so I told the children to take the pants to the play room and go to town on them. I believe the children each climbed into one leg of the overalls and started wrestling. I didn’t ask for details.

4. M has really gotten into the computer game Minecraft. Since N and J are both playing it a lot, this works out well. I merely presume that any remarks related to diamonds, lava, netherack, or strip-mines are Not My Concern.

5. K taught herself how to braid by observation. She is the sort of person who can watch a physical activity being performed, and figure out what to do with her body to replicate that activity. This is like living with a space alien as far as I am concerned. I cannot pick up physical skills that way. I think my daughter is kinda awesome.

6. The money is not in the bank yet, but my family has sold our cabin in Wisconsin. I am breaking even, in the sense that I have lost all the money for taxes, interest on loans, and upkeep, but I will not owe any more money to anyone, either. Given the real estate climate right now, this is a complete and total victory.

7. An acquaintance of mine once remarked casually, about some plans, “Eh, I’m easy.” Her partner looked at her, smirking, and said, “No, you’re effortless.”

Yesterday a friend recommended a book to me by saying the following:

“It’s about a sassy teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic survival colony who shares her mind with an alien, and she’s being tracked by a female alien/person with emotional problems.”

Ahem. I’m not easy, I’m effortless. Also, the benefit of telling all of you the sorts of things I like to read and watch is that you then tell me about these things.

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