Thinking Ficcishly

I am sick, and coughing non-stop, and vaguely miserable. Last night’s illness-gloom was alleviated by the hijacking of the Twitter hashtag #LGBTfacts. It *was* being used by some anti-gay hate-group. As of this morning it was the property of “pro-homosexual twitter accounts.” I’m rather pleased by this.

My head has been thinking fannishly the last few weeks. I have various plot bunnies to offer you all:

1. Olivia Dunham (from the tv series Fringe) and Audrey Horne (from the tv series Twin Peaks) are roommates at the FBI academy. Their respective personalities are immediately, on the surface, something that the other does not trust. What happens next? What is their relationship like? Optional: One of their instructors is Dana Scully (X-Files) or Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs, et al.)

2. The tv series Downton Abbey in a steampunk universe. What changes? What doesn’t? How does the tech level affect The Great War, and how does this in turn change things at Downton?

3. Officer Valentine (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). Valentine is on indefinite leave and is taking vacation in Bali, to get away from The Umbrella Corporation. Lara is in Bali hunting for a lost city rumored to once have a cure for zombification. They team up, fight zombies, wear really short-shorts, and save the world.

4. A new book has come out, [Insert Character Name Here]’s Guide to Ethical Polyamory. What character would you want to see this book from, and what would a choice snippet from it be?


I will also accept fic written from these prompts, playlists of music, photo manips, or vids.

:grins: This is my brain, welcome to it.

5 Responses

  1. Like anybody’s guide to ethical polyamory is more interesting than Roy Mustang’s.

  2. @Caroline I await excerpts!

  3. Fandom is awesome: aphrodite_mine put Audrey in a dorm with Rebecca Locke in 2009, then I bounced off that and put Audrey on a case with Dana Scully last year, and now you.

    I love the way this idea keeps growing.

  4. YES. I read both of those, yes I did.

  5. Bates’s leg extender would have been a much more interesting plotline, if downton ancient steampunk.

    Jack harness can write the guide to ethical polyamory.

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