Festivids went live recently! I have a few favorites, not only from this year’s offerings but from the past years.

I love vidding. I love the creativity, the way vidders can re-cut images to comment on those images, they way music and pictures can be put together to tell entirely new stories. But, then, I’m a fan of mash-ups, fanfiction, re-interpretations, covers, homages, and all sorts of transformative works. I think culture can, does, and should interrogate itself.

Onward to the vids!

Push is one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen. This vid describes the relationship between the lead characters, while highlighting the awesomeness of Dakota Fanning.

I Gave You All

Sarah Connor of the various Terminator properties is one of my favorite characters ever. This vid, set to “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santigold, tries to get at the deliberate isolation that Connor cultivates, and her reasons for doing so.

Birds of Prey was not a very good television show. And Ashley Scott as Huntress was not incredibly well-written. But she is really hot, and kinda bad-ass, and this vid features those qualities. Shallow rec is shallow.

Dragonslayer was a movie I watched obsessively as a young adolescent. It was one of the formative texts in my early “being a girl is going to suck” theory. I found the vidder’s comments on this vid to be interesting. Basically, the vidder didn’t like the text of the film very much, and tried to fix the plot in her vid. I rather approve.

There was a phase in middle school-junior high when, rather than tell people who my favorite character on The Facts of Life was, I said I didn’t watch it. Some early sense of queer-clostedness, I expect. Because, of course I liked Jo. This vid captures some of the unintended subtext. Subtext which, let me tell you, I saw perfectly well when I was younger.

Finally, This vid for the Die Hard movies conflates sex and violence, deliberately pointing out how well the movies do the same thing.

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