Cosplay update!

I have been so sick, y’all. :coughs weakly:

The pieces of my steampunk zeppelin traffic controller costume are here!


Linen shirt.

Leather work gloves.

Working-man’s cap.

Leather leg-guards.

I am debating these boots, but they won’t be visible really. I might skip it and just wear my actual boots. Those will be more comfortable anyway.

But, I could just get the boots, wear them this spring, break them in, and hope they are comfortable ….


A friend of mine is making me a signal lantern. We discussed how to do this in a steampunk manner, and said friend is a complete mad scientist, so I have faith in her designs. I also have goggles and a spyglass. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. That is going to look so cool when it all comes together!

  2. “Cool” may be an overstatement. I am going to look like a character that is also based on me. 🙂

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