Hobbit Polenta

So, the vegetarian, low-salt stock/broth I made this week is the best thing ever.

Half a carrot, the other half of which I had grated into salads earlier that day
The top of a red pepper I’d used a couple days ago, and the seeds
The tops and leaves of celery I’d chopped off
A leek I wasn’t using
An onion
The inside of a head of garlic, that I wasn’t going to bother going through and peeling each tiny clove
A handful of button mushrooms, maybe five
a dozen peppercorns
a teaspoon of thyme, maybe
a tablespoon of fake-salt substitute stuff

I put these in a very large pot, filled the pot with water, and let it boil. Them I let it simmer for an hour and a half. Then I poured the whole mess through a strainer and into a pitcher. I threw the solids out. The stock-broth-what-have-you I poured into an ice cube tray, and into some other containers. Voila. Vegetarian no-salt stock.

I then made the basic risotto out of the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. Well, except I used 6 Tbsp. of butter instead of four. And I used an extra cup of water. And I lowered the heat and added the fluid more slowly than the recipe says. But the REST of it was the recipe.

I also used my home-made stock in slow-cooker polenta.

2 c polenta
2 c vegetable stock
6 c water
2 Tbsp unsalted butter

Two hours on high heat, then I stirred it, then put it on the lowest setting and left it overnight. In the middle of the night I woke up, paranoid, and added a bit more water and stirred the polenta. In the morning I put it in containers and into the refrigerator.

Hobbit Polenta

By lunchtime, the polenta had settled a bit. I minced three cloves of garlic, four scallions, and roughly chopped a handful of mushrooms. I fried those up in a half-stick of butter, added fake-salt and some freshly-ground pepper. After that was nicely cooked, I added four big spoonfuls of polenta and let that all fry together for a bit. When the polenta was warmed through, I spooned the business into bowls for me and M.

Hobbit Polenta, with butter and mushrooms and green onions. \o/

I think I win something, there.

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