February 8 2012

1. I made bread yesterday. The bread machine was borrowed from a local friend (THANK YOU!) and the recipes is this one here, for Almond Rosemary Bread. It was the first bread I’ve made in a machine, and it worked out perfectly. Not to mention, tasty, my goodness. And both my children liked it.

2. Cooking takes time and money, but for me it is proving worth it. I went to the doctor yesterday, for my ridiculously persistent cough, and my blood pressure is down out of borderline hypertensive. Since that was the purpose and goal of all this healthy eating, I am very, very pleased.

3. My Downton Abbey season two dvds arrived yesterday, and J and I watched episodes six and seven. I shout things at the television screen, I’m afraid. I appear to be ridiculously over-invested in the decisions these people make.

But, then, it’s a show about decision-making and feelings, and that is well-within my set of narrative kinks.

4. Speaking of narrative kinks, I watched the 1984 movie Streets of Fire last week. Someone on the internet was talking about it — which of you was it, again? I ask because now I need to discuss, and by discuss I mean squee over, the ridiculous amazingness of this silly, silly, incredibly sincere film.

Also, Diane Lane, wow.

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