February 9 2012

1. K’s flamenco dress rehearsal, WHILE LATE, actually went just fine. I was glad to see it. I love my daughter, and think she is just the awesomest kid.

2. While I behave perfectly calmly when people run late, I do not feel calm. It is a side effect of my job that the higher-stress a situation is (or I think it is) the calmer and calmer I act. But I Do Not Like other people’s lateness. the only thing I dislike more than that is my own lateness.

3. Talking about food and exercise with people one doesn’t know well is tricky. I am on a number of comms and groups that all approach these discussions differently. I linked a post from one site, a post that I thought was funny (another conversational red flag!) to another site.


Sigrid: Humor is always very tricky. These are very sensitive subjects. Don’t be an ass, even merely by linking to a post someone else wrote.

One Response

  1. Yes, I have also noted how conversations about food and exercise are tricky. I am actively trying to eat healthier and be more active. I really like reading about how people I know are tackling these issues and what works for them. However, I am extremely touchy about anything that looks like being told what to do.

    My professional training in genetics and biology lead me to have a different understanding of nutrition than most people. Doctors get very little training in these areas, so an endorsement from a MD is not much better than a recommenation from a neighbor in my book. Genetics, age and lifestyle all play into what works for an individual. That is why I prefer the “this is working for me, YMMV” posts.

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