February 13 2012

1. I spent my breaks at work this weekend working on confidential projects. This makes me rather a boring conversationalist.

2. The new computer system at work had a 24-hour operational run over Saturday. It went pretty well, and I am looking forward to the new system, once it’s up and running.

3. K’s flamenco recital was Saturday. I was stuck at work, thank to the afore-mentioned computer shenanigans. But I understand it all went well.

4. My kids have been utterly charming for weeks now. I really, truly, love them, and kind of want to tell you all EVERY CUTE THING THEY SAY. I try to exercise some restraint.

5. I worked out really hard this past week, and every part of my body ached all day Saturday and Sunday. Ow.

6. My mother arrives this afternoon! She’s visiting for K’s birthday. My daughter is turning nine.

7. Downton Abbey just makes me yell at the tv. I love this show.

3 Responses

  1. “Exercise some critical thinking!” is maybe my favorite thing I have ever yelled at me TV.

    Oh, Branson, why are you you?

  2. I love that show. And I shout a lot.

  3. This is what a soap opera looks like when aimed at our demographic. Scary.

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