February 16 2012

1. My mother’s visit for K’s birthday was lovely. Thanks, mom!

2. We finished Downton Abbey. Now we have no more until they make season three. This is a sadness!

3. The SF Squeecast mentioned how good Paul Cornell’s “Human Nature” and “Family of Blood” episodes of Doctor Who are. I hadn’t re-watched them, eve, because I found them terrifying the first time around. The scarecrows are one of the things I imagine I see shambling up the street at four in the morning when I am leave for work. But I watched them again last night.

I’d forgotten how much of the episodes is about the school and the boys. And the Great War that is coming, and how dead the flower of England is. How they merely don’t know it yet.

I am so very, very glad I don’t know the future. Lack of certainty allows for hope.

4. I made the vegetarian chili from the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook last night. My goodness, it was tasty! The cooking adventures continue apace.

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