February 17 2012

1. I was going to come up with a more thoughtful post of substance for today, but yesterday got away from me and I didn’t. I actually … have a bit of stress about that, but it’s my blog, and using for a diary is one of the functions of same. And any defensiveness you detect, Gentle Reader, in this paragraph, is aimed at the critical voices in my head, not at you.

2. Instead of thoughtful blogging yesterday afternoon, I took a lovely walk with my elderly hound. The weather is still unseasonably warm, and Jake and I walked about a mile or so in the neighborhood.

At some point I am going to contemplate a walk and I will remember that I enjoy walks now. That they are not horrid slogs through a fog of exhaustion and pain, as they were a few years back when I was hideously anemic. (The first walk I went on after I’d been taking iron pills four times a day (and omg that was unpleasant in other ways) I felt like Peter Parker after the spider bite. I felt like I could leap over cars, I felt so damn good.) But these days I am not in need of surgery and massive quantities of iron. These days, I regularly work out. These days, strolling with the elderly hound through the neighborhood is downright pleasant. But there’s no telling that to my head. When I sit in my house and think, “do I want to go on a walk?” I imagine the exhaustion of past years and am disinclined. When I actually get out there with the dog, it’s nice.

3. I am really enjoying the editing work I’m doing these days. I was explaining to a friend that it’s a combination of herding cats and being nibbled to death by ducks. But it’s an incredibly rewarding herding death. I like the things to which I contribute. I like the people I work with. I like the contributors whose writing I am privileged to wrangle.

I am finding that I think I have a decent attitude for the job. I am certain I would not have, seven or ten years ago, but I am older now, and am both calmer in some ways and much more of a hardcase in others. But air traffic control has taught me that any day that does not contain a plane crash is a good day. Editing is very laid-back in comparison.

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