Wiscon Programming for New Attendees


If you are reading this post, you may be a new attendee to Wiscon. Or you may have attended in the past, but never volunteered for programming.


Programming at Wiscon is an open, volunteer, attendee-driven process. Months ago, people who bought memberships at the forthcoming convention were asked what types of programming they would like to see. Ideas were solicited and given, panels were suggested. Now we are past that window, and into panels volunteering.

If you are going to Wiscon, go to this link here. If you do not yet have an account, you will be asked to create one. If you do have an account, excellent!

On the Your Account page you will see a link labeled Interest. This link will ask you to select the panels you would like to attend and be on. The panel suggestions are organized into categories and themes. Go through each theme, click on the “More” tab to read a longer description of each proposed panel, and make a decision.

Do you want to attend this panel? Great, click on that box. You’re not signing up for anything or committing to it, you’re merely indicating your interest. Do you have a lot to say on that topic, are you a subject matter expert, or are you unable to stop talking about it? GREAT. Click on the radio buttons to participate on the panel. There are four levels of interest — PLEASE, Interested, OK, and Not Interested.

After you submit your interests, go back to Your Account. There is an Availability tab there. This is where you indicated how many total panels you want to be on, and what hours work for you. Please do this step! This is your only defense against 8:00 am or midnight panels.

There! You have volunteered for Wiscon Programming!


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