February 27 2012

1. My derangedly Lego-obsessed family had a 24-hour Lego Micropolis building marathon on Saturday. Lunatics, I tell you. But my kind of lunatics.

2. I recently re-watched the movie Labyrinth with my daughter. She said she liked it. I am not really surprised by this.

3. This past weekend while weight lifting I did some lifts I haven’t done in months, for variety. And was very pleased to see how much more weight I can lift. Yay progress!

4. Work this weekend was full of briefings about the coming technological changes in ATC. Which, you know, would be cool if they happen during my career. But this is the federal government, and change requires both a mandate from Congress AND a lot of your money. So we’ll see.

5. I bought a couple of machetes this weekend. A kukri and a parang, to be exact. I’m not sure why, honestly, except I’ve want machetes or swords or something basically my entire life. The thing is, I don’t know what I expect to do with them. Hang them on the wall as set dressing for the fantasy life in which I am a badass? I mean, honestly, if there is ever any self-defense situation in my life, and I am armed, that weapon is going to be taken from me. I know how this works. I’m not trained in self-defense. So a machete as a weapon is just a fantasy item for me. And I don’t go slogging through cloud forest understory anymore. So.

(For the record, cutting your way through the underbrush with a machete is stupidly difficult to do.)

But, I ordered them, and they’ll be here soon, and then I’ll have to decide what ridiculously impractical thing to do with them.

I don’t even know, y’all.

2 Responses

  1. Do machetes have care and feeding? I would hate to have the robot apocalypse happen, and you with rusty weapons.

  2. Heh – I have both a kukri and a Japanese officer’s sword from my grandfather’s time in WWII. The officer’s sword is purely decorative (story goes that my grandfather traded a pack of cigarettes for it), but the kukri is still wicked sharp and lethal-looking. They hang over the back door.

    I used to have a katana from the Highlander catalog, but it mysteriously disappeared from the wall of my previous house years ago.

    Ah, swords – so cool, and yet so useless in unskilled hands.

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