The Quibbling Dead

I started watching The Walking Dead yesterday. It’s clearly a very well-made show, well-written and acted, with great special effects. That said, I don’t think it’s for me.

I do have some quibbles, the kind I always have in post-apocalyptic-type movies and tv.

Some spoilers for The Walking Dead follow, though not really spoilery if you know anything about zombie fiction.

In the opening 25 minutes, as Character is leaving the hospital, I wonder — who bothered to tear the acoustical tile out of the ceiling? I mean, clearly, not too much time has passed. Character, while dehydrated, has not died from it. So it can’t be more than, say, seventy-two hours since the last hospital staff died, you know? And the pools of blood on the hospital floor are still wet. So, while living people were still around in the hospital, someone bothered to rip out the tile? To what end? Nothing is kept in the ceiling, no supplies. And a person can’t hide up on top of the tile, it’s not load-bearing. And I doubt the zombies would think about acoustical tile at all. So who did it, and why?

Ditto the pieces of paper strewn everywhere. I mean, yes, it’s indicative of chaos and disorder. But who would bother? Why? I understand ransacking the drug cabinets, the medical supplies, yes, certainly. But why throw files and papers into the hallway? We’re not talking papers knocked off a desk during a search for other things, we’re talking paper drifting through the hallway. And, again, this can only be a day or two after the last living person died — note the fresh blood and the state of Character.

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