March 6 2012

1. Well! K got her circus Spring Show assignments. She’s in all nine shows.

Now, this is the result my daughter had been hoping for, you understand. She’s pretty pleased. And, actually, the older she gets, the less work it is for us. And this year we have some neighborhood families with whom to carpool. So it won’t be that bad.

Of course, she does have three weekends of extra practices this month, even before tech/dress rehearsals. Eeesh.

2. I’m taking this week off from lifting. One is supposed to, every so often. In addition to weekly rest days, every few months it’s a good idea to not lift really heavy things for a week. The tendons and connective tissue and such need a break.

3. Last night while I was at circus with K, M called me. Now, I leave him my number in case there are problems, you understand. And, until last night, I wasn’t sure he would call me if he had one. He did. Call, that is.

He died in the computer game Minecraft and lost his house.

Now, this is not the sort of problem I envisioned when I instructed him on how to call me. But, frankly, I am perfectly relieved, and, in fact, commiserated with him over the loss while he complained.

4. Does anybody have any bread recipes for bread machines that they really love? I’ve already made (and loved) Matociquala’s Rosemary Almond Bread, and I’m looking to expand the horizons.


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