Preliminary Game of Thrones thoughts

Spoilery in terms of general themes, and for some features on the commentary tracks. I have not read the books.

I started watching the season feeling really bad for all of the kids. But by the time I reached the last episode, it was clear to me that all of the now-adults had been teenagers, or barely older than that, when the major events of the last wars took place. Jaime Lannister was probably about as old as Robb Stark is in the current action, when Jaime did the things he did in the last war.

Things happen, you make decisions, and you live with the results. This is the world.

But the world treats people differently — and with great unfairness — based on the chance of their birth. Tyrion Lannister brings this up more than once. But the show also makes a point of showing contrasting scenes in immediate succession. Jaime discussing the vapidness of power, then we cut to Daenerys and her situation. Power is not vapid to her. It’s not empty and hollow. It’s her life or death. The show is really quite well-constructed in that way.

A few notes —

I had a heck of a time learning the names of some of the characters. Particularly the ones played by actors I knew already from other shows. Tommy Carcetti, for instance. And Tonks.

I am loving the commentary tracks. The children are charming, Lena is adorable in her profanity and obvious fangirling of GRRM. The writers talk about some of the choices they had to make, and why.

The music gets stuck in my head, oh my goodness.


5 Responses

  1. I still call her Tonks, too. She’s in the previews for Season 2 and I go “Tonks!”

  2. @Anika YES. I keep cheering for her, knowing *nothing* about the character in GoT (including not knowing her NAME) merely because she is Tonks.

  3. I did not recognize Tonks AT ALL but now that you say it. . .

    One of the strengths of the ‘Game of Thrones’ landscape is that there are so many characters in so many different characters, with different confluences of circumstance and choice, and none of them is a product entirely of one or the other. I think the contrast between Jaime and Daenerys is my favorite thing in this story. They were each groomed for something very specific, they each wind up in a place they didn’t intend, but Jaime’s lesson is ‘It’s all empty, nothing matters’ and Dany’s is ‘I’m gonna figure out how to use this power I didn’t ask for to do something about this’. And there are characters all over that spectrum, but for some reason those two are the ones who compel me the most —

  4. (and I said ‘so many characters’ twice; I think I meant ‘so many characters in so many situations)

  5. @Caroline Yes, yes to all of that. I think the contrasts between members of a family also highlight that everyone grows up differently despite similar circumstance.

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