March 15 2012

1. Yesterday, the trampoline we bought for the kids arrived. J and N set it up in the backyard in the morning while I took the kids out swimming. When we returned, the trampoline was all set up. So all yesterday (and I suspect all day today) all activities were punctuated by five-minute trampoline breaks.

Not for me. For the kids.

I’m really excited about this. I think it will be really good for the kids, who love trampolining.

2. I’m halfway through a book, Killer Instinct, by Zoe Sharp. It’s a great read with a great female protagonist, and if you like thriller-crime-type books I recommend it.

3. The weather here is so warm.

4. I have a couple of editing and writing projects in the air right now, and they are causing me to grow as a person.


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