Killer Instinct, a review of sorts

Killer Instinct, by Zoe Sharp, is a crime novel starring a tough female protagonist, Charlie Fox.

There are a lot of books out there that have this description. (Many of them are urban fantasy or paranormal romance, easily identified by the cover model in a halter top and tattoos.) Killer Instinct is not of that ilk.

Yes, Charlie Fox is ex-military. But why she is ex-, and how far she did or did not get in her career before leaving, these are her own story.

Yes, Charlie Fox teaches personal protection and self-defense. Yet at more than one point in this book, she freezes, fails to act — even as she recognizes her failure.

Yes, Charlie Fox rides a motorcycle. Yes, she lives alone. Yes, she doesn’t do much grocery shopping and she drinks too much coffee. All that said, I have never met a protagonist quite like Charlie Fox. I found her a refreshingly original take on what the words “tough female protagonist” can mean.

If this sounds good to you, if you like the work of Greg Rucka, if you like your crime novels a bit grimy and small-time, this is a book for you. I know I’m going to buy the next one.

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