March 21 2012

1. I have all the mixed feelings about the weather. Yesterday was the first day of spring. Here in Minnesota, that means snow piles melting slowly, and one more good blizzard on the way. Instead we had near-80-degree temps all weekend. I relish the warmth, but I am worried about drought and climate change.

2. I do not know what to think of FitBit. According to this device and it’s calculations, I am really, really sedentary. Which I knew. Yet, I need to remember that part of that sitting is air traffic control, and part is editing, and part is homeschooling my kids, and part is driving … In other words, I am not sitting around doing *nothing*, I’m just doing things not measured by this metric.

Moreover, I do hard exercise four or five days a week, and walk 3-5 miles during my work-week. Those things aren’t trivial.

3. I bought ThinkGeek’s Chocolate Zombie Bunnies for the household. Bite the head off. It’s the only way to be sure.

4. It has dawned on me that there are a LOT of movies coming out this summer that I want to see! And that “summer”, in movie-season-terms, begins, like, next week. Snow White and the Huntsman! Prometheus! Hunger Games! Avengers! Spider-Man! Dark Knight Rises! Brave!

5. I picked up a new bread machine yesterday! And by new I mean new-to-me. I think I’m the third owner, possibly the fourth. But it seems to be working so far.

6. The trampoline is still popular.

7. I need to start sorting my filing, then filing it, and in the process find the things I need to do my taxes. I’ve gotten as far as “haul the big piles of paper to the dining room table, stare at them.”

8. Some links of recent note:

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