March 22 2012

1. I have an appointment in two weeks to get my next tattoo, the one I decided would be my reward for running a mile. \o/ It’s the Vorkosigan House insignia, for what that’s worth. A maple leaf over three mountains. Likely I’ll be mistaken for Canadian. Or, worse from a local point of view, a Canadian hockey fan.

2. I found my tax-related papers. Now I just need to do my taxes.

3. I made brussel sprouts last night, at the kids’ request. I don’t know why they wanted to eat brussel sprouts, but they did. After looking at a few recipes I cobbled together something from what I had on hand. The upshot? Nothing smothered in a garlic-butter sauce can taste bad.

4. It is finally actually raining, a bit, here. I hope it pours for a couple of days. Not that I’m in favor of the annual floods, per se, but we could really use it.

5. Last night I seemed to encounter nothing on the roads but bad drivers. I’m sure that by the end of the day I was actually encountering the confirmation fallacy, but that did nothing to improve my mood. Here’s hoping today is better!


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