March 29 2012

1. I have gotten a vast amount of stuff done so far this week.

Filed my taxes.
Sent away for my license tabs.
Made bread.
Swept the house.
Did seven loads of dishes and got the kitchen to look less like a pit.
Helped saw off tree branches.
Worked on my bike lock.
Went to the grocery store, twice.
Bought comics.

This all in addition to taking my kids to their various classes, working out, replying to email, and generally keeping myself and my kids clean and dressed and fed.

Some weeks, I really do feel on top of things.

2. I have done all of those things while NOT doing the following things.

Some various editing related tasks.
Tai chi.
Walking my dog.
Cleaning up my desk space.
Filing my comics.
Making chili.

3. It’s all a process. I remind myself of this, day in and day out. Today I will do the editing stuff. Or Saturday. Perhaps today I will walk my hound. Perhaps today I will not work out, but will cook food for the coming week. I don’t have to accomplish everything all at once. I merely have to accomplish some of the things each day.


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