April 2 2012

1. Since I got the FitBit, I have been walking laps in the parking lot at work. A full lap is about a third of a mile. As a result of this, I’ve been walking between two and five miles a day for the last month.

This is in support of a couple of goals. First, I have three conventions coming up this spring and summer. Conventions involve a lot of walking and standing about. I want to be in practice. Second, in the event of a zombie apocalypse or more realistic disaster scenario, the odds are good that a lot of walking will be involved. I want to be in practice.

I have noticed a couple of things, though. My knees ache a lot. And random muscles in my legs, the existence of which I was previously unaware, ache. A bit of internet research reveals that better shoes can help with this. I need better shoes for both running and walking, it seems.

2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is on Netflix streaming! This is very exciting, as I have been hoping to watch this show. I can’t really say whether I have a favorite pony or not — before I ever watched it, I had a conversation with a friend about the Spirit Pony Identities of people we know. So I can’t say “I like Fluttershy” without, in my head, saying something about my friends.

And since Friendship is Magic, I’m not going to play favorites.

3. I can tell there is something wrong with the 2005 version of King Kong when the adventures on Skull Island are the boring part. Pro Tip: Chase scenes with DINOSAURS should not be the boring part of your movie.

4. In M’s swim class on Saturday they did short relay races. M’s team won the relay race, and M did great. I mention this because I am really proud of how hard he works in swim class, and how far he’s come.

5. No circus classes this week! I welcome these little breaks. My daughter does not.