My Wiscon 36 Schedule, and Wiscon notes

1. Here’s my schedule:

Chicks Dig Comics
Friday 9:00 pm

Come celebrate the delightful truth: women create, produce, read, and really, really dig comics! Join the editors and writers of Chicks Dig Comics, a just-released collection of essays, as they share their love for this medium and the stories it can tell.

Moderator: Sigrid J. Ellis, Sarah Monette, Caroline Pruett, Delia Sherman, Jennifer Margret Smith, Lynne M. Thomas, Elizabeth Bear

What makes a great transformative work?
Saturday, 1:00 pm

90% of everything is crud, but what about the rest? What makes a great fanfic, remix video, or mashup? Is it the writing/editing/technical skill of the creator? Do character and plot apply in the same way? Is there something special about the way transformative works engage with their source texts? Do we look for different things in explicitly transformative works than we do in “original” works? And, most importantly, how do you find the good stuff?

Moderator: Beth Plutchak, Wendy Bradley, Sigrid J. Ellis, Andrea Horbinski, Cat Meier

Mad Norwegian Press Chicks Dig Comics Launch Party
Saturday, 9:00 pm

Hosts Sigrid J. Ellis, Anika Milik, Sarah Monette, Caroline Pruett, Jennifer Margret Smith, Lynne M. Thomas, Elizabeth Bear

The Sign Out
Monday, 11:30 am

2. This give me very few obligations, which is a nice switch from last year. I should be able to get to more programming! So far I have ALREADY found a conflict, namely that Anika is on a panel I want to go to Friday at 9:00 pm, when I am on Chicks Dig Comics! This both prevents me from seeing the panel AND prevents Anika — a contributor to Chicks — from being on said panel! But thus is the way of Wiscon. There are always scheduling conflicts.

3. I plan to get to Wiscon Thursday evening, and leave Monday afternoon.

4. If you are new to Wiscon, or to Wiscon programming, I have strong opinions about how panels ought to go, what a mod should and should not do, and how to be a socially appropriate audience member. If you want my views, I will share them with you — send me an email.

I mention this because no-one likes unsolicited advice — I’m not planning a blog post telling you all what I think you should do. Yet I have seen people mention after the fact that they wished someone had told them whatever in regards to Wiscon, or other conventions, or big group things. I am NOT the be-all end-all expert on Wiscon. I am not speaking for the convention AT ALL. I am merely one person, with my own views based on my own experiences. However. I am happy to share, and if you have questions, feel free to email me.


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  1. On a related note, I am going to be attending the World SF Convention this fall exclusively because you posted about it back in January, and thus I heard of its existence. Thank you! Take full credit.

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