April 9 2012

1. We are trying a new English language curriculum for the kids. Because English is a RIDICULOUS language, full of various abominations against common sense, and it’s hard to remember to teach all of its insanity. We’re using The Logic of English, a title which makes me laaaauuuuuuugh. So far — after merely a couple of days — so good. The kids seem to like it, as do I.

2. For the record, we use one other curriculum, Singapore Math, which is working very well for us.

3. New tattoos hurt, until they stop hurting and start itching.

4. I have a deep fondness for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I particularly like how all of the main characters grow and change, yet remain true to their core characteristics. And the part in At World’s End where Elizabeth exhorts the various crews and they all raise their colors always give me chills.

Though I do wonder — what’s to prevent Will from stopping by Elizabeth’s ship every few weeks to say hello? Why do they have to only meet on land?

I also find it terrifically amusing that the Disney Pirates’ franchise manages to remain largely faithful to The Invisible Hook — a treatise revealing the secret economics of piracy.

5. A number of nifty people have been nominated for Hugo Awards! Including some friends and acquaintances of mine, so I am feeling gleeful by proxy. Here’s the list of nominees at the Chicon site.

6. The lovely folks at Outer Alliance are running my Chicks Dig Comics essay, “Kitty Queer,” on their website. Go ye forth and check it out! Chicks Dig Comics launches this weekend at C2E2, and you can buy it at online retailers now.

7. I will be at C2E2! In a few days! I am a little bit hyper and excited about this! I am also a huge ball of subterranean stress, apparently, because I haven’t been able to sleep for two days. Too busy dreaming about packing for the trip.