Chicks Dig Comics Available Now!

Chicks Dig Comics is available from Mad Norwegian Press! You can also buy it from Powell’s! And Things From Another World carries it as well.

If you already have your copy, you could leave a review at Amazon or on GoodReads. (Or at Powell’s, anywhere is good!)

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Rachel Edidin mentions a bit about her essay here.
Erica McGillivray talks about her contribution, too.
Delia Sherman discusses the book here.
Sara Ryan has an essay in it as well.
So does Seanan McGuire.

Here’s the full Table of Contents:

Introduction by Mark Waid
Editors’ Foreword, by Lynne M. Thomas and Sigrid Ellis
Mary Batson and the Chimera Society, by Gail Simone
Summers and Winters, Frost and Fire, by Seanan McGuire
Cosplay, Creation, and Community, by Erica McGillivray
An Interview with Amanda Conner
A Matter of When, by Carla Speed McNeil
The Other Side of the Desk, by Rachel Edidin
An Interview with Terry Moore
Nineteen Panels about Me and Comics, by Sara Ryan
I’m Batman, by Tammy Garrison
An Interview with Alisa Bendis
My Secret Identity, by Caroline Pruett
The Green Lantern Mythos: A Metaphor for My (Comic Book) Life, by Jill Pantozzi
Vampirella, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Page Turn, by Jen Van Meter
Confessions of a (Former) Unicorn, by Tara O’Shea
The Evolution of a Tart, by Sheena McNeil
Kitty Queer, by Sigrid Ellis
The Captain in the Capitol: Invoking the Superhero in Daily Life by, Jennifer Margret Smith
Burn, Baby Burn, by Lloyd Rose
Tune in Tomorrow, by Sue D
An Interview with Greg Rucka
Comic Book Junkie, by Jill Thompson
From Pogo to Girl Genius, by Delia Sherman
I am Sisyphus, and I am Happy, by Kelly Thompson
Captain America’s Next Top Model, by Anika Dane Milik
An Interview with Louise Simonson
Me Vs. Me, by Sarah Kuhn
A Road That has No Ending: Revenge in Sandman, by Sarah Monette
Mutants, by Marjorie Liu
You’re on the Global Frequency, by Elizabeth Bear
Crush on a Superhero, by Colleen Doran

The Hugo-nominated podcast, Galactic Suburbia, reviewed Chicks Dig Comics and loved it.

Girls Read Comics read advance copies, and loved the book.

The Outer Alliance is hosting my essay, Kitty Queer, on their website.

Bridge City Comics is hosting a release party with Jen Van Meter, Sara Ryan, Erica McGillivray, and Rachel Edidin.

And, of course, co-editor Lynne and I will be launching the book at C2E2 this coming weekend in Chicago. Our panel is scheduled on Sunday, April 15th, at noon. Signings will take place from 1-2 and 2-3, afterwards. due to limited table space.

I hope you read Chicks Dig Comics. I hope you enjoy it. I thank you all for your support, and look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at C2E2 this weekend.

Thank you.