April 12 2012

1. I’m hitting the road! Driving down to Chicago today, spending the evening with my mother, and then attending C2E2 this weekend.

2. The Chicks Dig Comics gang will be at C2E2! Well, some of us. There will be a panel on Sunday, and signings. Please, come meet us!

3. I bought some new clothes this week — shorts and shirts and whatnot — because clothes are fitting me differently these days. It’s odd.

4. My phone’s Android OS updated this week, and everything looks different, and it’s disturbing to me. I’ll adjust, obviously, but IT’S ALL WRONG.

5. I went to the Y yesterday morning and worked out really hard because I don’t know if I’ll get workouts this weekend. I don’t even recognize me, some days!

6. I am halfway through Elizabeth Bear’s new book, Range of Ghosts, and am loving every page of it. In related news, I highly recommend Jack Weatherford’s books about the Mongols. Great stuff.


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