C2E2 and Chicks Dig Comics

1. The book launch for Chicks Dig Comics went great. The panel was held on Sunday at noon, before an enthusiastic audience.

About that audience, for a moment. About you all. You are the reason for the book. We wanted to make a thing that spoke, in some way, about you. For you, if that’s possible. (It’s not. We can’t speak for you. But we can speak for ourselves, and by extension remind people that you, the women and girls who love comics, are real.) Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, and … And for being real.

The panel itself was a delight. My thanks to all the participants! Highlights included one panelists discussing her crush on Jughead, and an exploration of the difference between editorial support for change versus institutional resistance to same.

Speaking purely personally, I was honored to be a participant, to share the stage with the amazing women of the panel.

2. The convention itself was a good one. The panel spaces were of a good size, and well-managed. McCormick Center has good parking, good signage, and decent amenities. I also found the main floor to be decent, with lots of space for getting past lines and clogs.

3. It was great to see all my long-distance friends and acquaintances. I’m not going to name everyone, because I am CERTAIN to forget someone. But it was wonderful.

4. I missed my kids so very much. I bought them, um, rather more in the way of presents than they really need.