April 17 2012

1. I thought I had lost my glasses yesterday morning. It turns out that if you pack half your things before putting your glasses on, it’s awfully easy to pack them without seeing that you have done so.

For all instances of “you” in that paragraph, substitute “I” or “me”.

But I found them before driving eight hours, so that is good.

2. When I got home, after I snuggled the kids and they climbed all over me like two homesick lemurs on their favorite tree, I stood in the dining room and regaled J with all the moments of the past weekend in which I WAS AWESOME. Because she is my partner, and she listens with interest.

Since, however, my moments of awesome basically amount to, “did what I was supposed to, only spilled lunch on my shirt twice, did not step on small children while navigating the convention floor,” I will not bother you, dear internet, with the details.

3. It’s cold here, dangit! And windy. And really generally unpleasant.

4. I’m out of brain. See y’all tomorrow.