April 19 2012

1. Yesterday I:

did four loads of dishes
walked the dog
rode my bike for five minutes
cooked beans for later chili-making
taught school
took out the recycling
got comics
read comics
supervised the kids’ daily chores
answered email
did various editing-related activities
took K to circus
watched K’s mini-hammock class
explained The Problem of Evil to K
explained Occam’s Razor to M
finished the not-very-good King Arthur movie with Keira Knightly as a Celtic Guenevere.

I’m not sure what today will hold. Likely very similar.

2. M read the JMS trade of Thor yesterday. He liked it. At one point he walked out to the dining room and said, “I think I know who these guys are, but I want to check.” They were The Warriors Three, and I named them for him. A bit later he came out to the table and pointed at a figure. “That’s Heimdall, right?” I assured him it was. He stared for a minute. “I thought Heimdall had dark skin.” I explained that different visions of the story choose to represent the characters differently, and that, yes, in the movie Heimdall has much darker skin. “Okay,” he said, and walked back to the bedroom to finish the comic.

Three cheers for Marvel movies, is all I’m saying. For making Heimdall a person of color, and Nick Fury.

Also, clearly Idris Elba made an impression on my kids. As he should!

3. I woke up this morning and World Fantasy Con is doing something along the lines of banning the sale of items in their Dealer’s Room which are not hi-falutin’ enough. Or something. Cheryl Morgan explains it here.