April 24 2012

1. Two more great reviews of Chicks Dig Comics

Here’s one at Fangirl Confessions.

And Ruth at CrimeSpree Magazine has some lovely things to say, here.

2. The CONvergence schedule is up! I need to look at that.

3. I’m sending a short story I wrote around to various places for publication. Let me say, I truly and without any sarcasm appreciate quick rejection letters.

4. I may have to quit Fitocracy, which I was loving for a bit. But they redesigned their website and interface, put intrusive ads all over everything, and put all the content on the far right and the ads on the left. I’m not sure I have the patience for hovering lean-power fat-burning supplement ads every time I want to record a workout.

5. K’s cold, it turns out, is pneumonia! A very, very walking level of pneumonia, it seems, because she hasn’t missed anything or really even been that sick. Just a lot of sniffing.

6. Circus dress/tech rehearsals start next week for the spring shows!

7. The washing machine has been broken for a couple of days. The repairperson is coming out today, which is none too soon. J does the laundry in our household, and I believe the maintenance rate requirement is two loads a day, every day. We’re behind, is what I’m saying. Clean clothes reserves are starting to drop.

8. Does anybody have any recommendations for bands/artists who perform traditional Middle Eastern folk music? Recordings of same, you understand. That I can buy on the internets.

9. Today is, I think, going to be a day of working on my breaks at work. In addition to editorial and authorial tasks, there is the self-assigned homework pre-Wiscon — reading articles and books that people are talking about. It’s homework I truly enjoy, and no-one is making me do it but *me*, yet if I want it done I have to do it.