April 26 2012

1. So week two of no-weight-lifting proceeds apace. I am whiny and sullen about this, but I am being very careful with my hands and arms, not doing lifting, not doing rowing machine, doing lots of stretches.

Instead of weights I am doing a variety of bodyweight exercises. Supermans, where one lays on the floor on one’s stomach and lifts one’s legs and arms up off the floor. AKA, The Beached Walrus. Inchworms, where one stands, bends over, walks one’s hands out on the floor to a push-up position, does a push-up, walks one’s hands back, and straightens. Wall Sits, where one puts one’s back to a wall and squats with knees bent at a ninety-degree angle — and holds this position until total collapse.

There are a lot of bodyweight exercises that end with “… until you collapse.”

2. My new schedule means I have to get all my cooking done in fewer days. I made bread yesterday, and expect I will spend a number of hours today in the kitchen.

3. My kids coveted the plushie Companion Cube (from the Portal video game) that I got J as a present. So M purchased a talking turret gun, and K bought herself a larger Companion Cube.

This would be school yesterday. With Portal.


2 Responses

  1. What did you injure or strain? I know how frustrating it is to pull something and have to stop training some things for a couple months.

  2. @Lynn Ehh, my wrists and elbows. Climber’s elbow.

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