April 30 2012

1. It’s the last day of April. I have no idea where the first third of 2012 went. No freakin’ clue.

2. The nice thing about my new work schedule is I get more dishes washed at home before and after my shifts.

3. A couple of the workout books I’ve read strongly recommend foam rollers for post-workout stretching. Anybody use them? Do they do anything useful?

4. This week K has circus dress and tech rehearsals, and then the shows start. Whee!


One Response

  1. Yes, I have a foam roller. It works really well for getting kinks out of muscles. According to my physical therapist, a roller is practically the only way to stretch the muscles on the outer side of the thighs (IT band?). I also use it for quad stretches because my left knee won’t tolerate being bent enough for the usual runner’s stretch where you hold your ankle and stretch the leg back.

    You can control the intensity of the stretch by how much weight you put on the affected spot. You can concentrate on the knots or just work the whole length of the muscle. Victor picked it up for me, probably at Target. It was not cheap, but it is holding up well.

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