May 3 2012

1. I received a letter in the mail yesterday. From my grandmother. Who asked if she could buy six more copies of Chicks Dig Comics from me, for her reading group and closest friends in the assisted living facility.

I have no idea if any of these women have ever read comics. I expect some of them might have. I can imagine my grandmother in college, getting her teaching degree, reading comics featuring Captain America punching Nazis while FDR told them all how Britain was faring. I don’t know that this ever happened, but I can imagine it.

Yes, Grandma. I will send you more copies of my book. Of course I will.

2. K’s first circus show was last night. She loved it. I really appreciate that circus runs a blog that tells all the parents at home when the acts are performing, so we can keep track of how long things are taking.

3. Heroine Content reviews Chicks Dig Comics!

4. I got a tablet computer yesterday, an Asus Eee Pad. I spent some time last night getting it all set up. Operating, as I do, in the Android-Google ecosystem, it all went smoothly. Except that the wireless on it does not seem to like connecting to the wireless in my house. Hmm.

5. I did not get enough sleep last night.

5 Responses

  1. When I went with my mother to see “Green Lantern” (yeah, yeah), she reminisced about how much she loved getting “Supergirl” comics from the PX on the bases she lived on when she was a kid. This had never come up before and of course I wanted all the details, but she didn’t remember anything. She just took it for granted that ‘all the kids read them, of course!’ (On being prompted, she might have vaguely remembered that Supergirl had a horse.)

    The point is, very cool about your grandmother!

  2. @ Caroline I know! Comics were so ubiquitous in the 1940s and 50s, it’s entirely *possible* my grandmother used to read comics.

    And now I want to know if your mother read the issues where Supergirl dates her horse. 😀

  3. . . .ESPECIALLY if you lived on bases (like my mom did.) It hadn’t occurred to me until then that she was way more likely to have grown up on comics than my father (who lived in a very rural area until his late teens). I was letting gender ideas trump the rest of what I knew, and figured since Dad didn’t read comics, neither of my parents had.

  4. :nods:

    My grandfather was serving in the Pacific during WWII, and I know he read comics. But there’s no reason my grandmother or her age peers in her reading group could not also have read comics.

  5. My maternal grandmother — who worked in postwar Japan as a secretary, married an officer, and took her kids all over the world (including an ocean crossing w/ 3 small ones while Grandpa was already in Germany) — passed away when I was too young for it to occur to me to ask her about any of this. This conversation is making me wish I had been able/interested enough. (Not particularly the part about comics, obviously.)

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