The miscellane continues

The thing about circus show weeks is we all get up later, and then have circus things in the evening. There’s less time in the day, overall, and the housework and the school and the emails and the whathaveyou all still need doing. So my brains, they are full of logistics and not thinky thoughts.

So, in no particular order —

1. Fantastic Fangirls read the first volume of the Twilight graphic novel adaptation for our book club. Part one is here, and part two is here. We discuss, among other things, Jane Austen, Henry James, border collies, and the difference between agency and action.

2. My kids like pouncing on me with hugs. This is made more amusing to me by the fact that they insist that I utter the following phrase before and mid-pouce: “Here I am, standing here minding my own business, all unsuspecting-like, as I so often am when these things happen to me.” They try to land the pounce in the middle of “happen.” If I don’t say it, they back up and give me pleading looks until I say it. I find this rather cute. I also value the interaction because soon enough they will be teenagers, with different boundaries and modes of expressing affection, and I try to enjoy each one while it lasts.

3. Dear tablet, if I am downloading something while you go into sleep mode, please DO NOT GO INTO SLEEP MODE, until you are finished downloading. Kthx.

4. I keep thinking my tablet has 4G connectivity, like my phone, and it is WiFi only. This may prove to be an issue, if I don’t get over my assumptions.

5. During all my driving yesterday, no-one seemed to be using their turn signals properly. This led to many opportunities for me to take deep, soothing breaths and remind myself that I am not the boss of the universe.

6. I cannot find my copy of Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, so I ordered a new one. This guarantees that the old copy will show up tomorrow.

7. My kids are thoroughly enjoying these little juice bottles we got them for circus shows. After drinking the juice, they are washing out the bottles, wrapping them in duct tape, adding paper fuses, and throwing the result around the house as grenades.


8. I intended to make vegetables over lentils yesterday evening. The vegetables — broccoli, carrots, scallions, and tomatoes — were cooked with olive oil and fresh herbs in a sort of French style kind of thing. The lentils, cooked with garlic, onions, butter, and white wine were to be the base. But the lentils did not cook down all the way — I added too much water, considering the butter and wine — so they ended up a creamy sort of soup. Rather like Dal. So, a sort of Dal Provencal kind of thing.

It’s really tasty, though!

3 Responses

  1. There’s something very poetical about Dal Provencal. 🙂

  2. @Kim Fortuitous Circumstance! Accidental Poetry! Inadvertent Food!

  3. Inadvertent Food – potential band name or cookbook? Or both?

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