May 10 2012

1. Happy birthday, J!

2. At Brit Mandelo wrote a lovely review of Chicks Dig Comics.

3. We saw the Avengers movie yesterday. Surprisingly, I don’t have much to say about it. I like it.

4. The trailers before a PG-13 movie are … PG-13. Halfway through the trailer for Prometheus I clapped my arm around M’s head, covering his ears and eyes. I’m really, really excited about that movie. But M peeked through my fingers and then stopped watching.

5. K wants me to take her to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I said I would. This is, after all, the daughter whose favorite fairy tale at the age of three was Blue Beard. Whose favorite book at four was Masque of the Red Death. A child who loves the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film.

Dark fables are her thing, and princesses wear plate mail.

2 Responses

  1. A very happy birthday to J!

    I wanted to cover my own eyes at the preview for Battleship. It’s like they had a flexible spending account for CGI, and they had to use it all up for this movie or lose it. Alas that they’d already spent out the plot FSA.

    Avengers: \o/!!!!!

    I look forward to your review of Snow White. I kinda want to see that, too.

  2. M wants to see Battleship.

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