May 14 2012

1. It is eleven days until Wiscon. I am making lists of things I need to do before then.

1.1 LJ and DW folks, go here to get badge stickers with your username.

2. The circus shows are done! K is moping a bit about this. But summer term classes start next Monday.

3. Valleyfair is open! My family went yesterday while I was at work. They report that an excellent time was had by all.

4. I found, on the internets, a guide to a type of fanfiction I’d never run across before. It was … enlightening and alarming. Whatever you can think, there is fanfiction describing it.

5. Someone made a real, working Tesla Gun from Five Fists of Science, by Matt Fraction and Steve Sanders.


3 Responses

  1. #4 didn’t happen to be the A/B/O verse explanation, did it? I was on a weird seesaw between giggling and slightly terrified fascination reading that.

    Have fun planning for Wiscon!

  2. @Kim Yes. I just don’t EVEN. “Knotting.”

  3. Yeah, I am just kind of…*askances* over that one, personally. But whatever jerks your fannish chain, yeah?

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