May 16 2012

1. Nine days until Wiscon. For them’s as who is counting.

For my Wiscon friends who have never gone:

The ATM in the lobby sometimes runs out of cash during the weekend. Bring some.
The Panel rooms are often over air-conditioned during the morning and day. The Party rooms are overheated and sweaty at night. Madison in springtime can have temperatures from 38 F to 85 F. Good luck with that, especially if you are flying in with limited baggage.
The hotel’s free WiFi is … spotty. And gets hammered during the weekend.

2. I want Avengers to be out on dvd already.

3. Today is a day of running errands.

2 Responses

  1. “2. I want Avengers to be out on dvd already.”

    YES. I want all the good vids now! And the DVD extras, with the cast interviews, and the commentaries, and the special effects, and and and…


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