May 24 2012

1. I am leaving for Wiscon today. \o/

2. I am bringing a crapton of stuff.

3. K had her first Clowning class yesterday. I was very, very pleased to hear from her afterwards that it appears to be Intro to Theater Comedy and Improv. Yes! Not merely goofing off for a very expensive hour. The instructor talked to them about establishing character, and audience expectations. I am pleased.

4. We’re in the season of the year containing constant threat of severe weather, especially in the evenings. J and I are always checking the weather radar online.

5. The kids are sending a wee stuffed Munchlax and a wee stuffed Snorelax with me on my trip. The kids always really miss me, and I always super-miss them. It will be nice to have the stuffed Pokemon with me. Expect tweets.

6. Next update, Wiscon.


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