June 4 2012

1. I watched Welcome to the Rileys over the weekend. Wow, is that ever a good movie. Everyone in that movie is amazing.

2. Kristen Stewart is one of the best actresses of her generation.

3. Work is getting very work-like. Summer weather is happening, and there’s a lot of moving planes around to be done.

4. The internet contains AU fanfic for the tv show Sherlock in which everyone is a lobster. There are knife-fights. Google “Sherlock lobsters” and see what I mean.

5. CONvergence is in a month. That’s … coming up pretty quick.

6. It’s moth-rearing-season at my house. J is raising, um, four? I think? species of moths this year. Anyway, the cocoons are starting to open and the adults need to be released (if male) or mated (if female). So J was up at 3:45 this morning to see if any enterprising males flew by to mate with a recent female. No luck this morning, I expect they’ll try again tomorrow morning.


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