June 11 2012

1. Work was very work-like this weekend. Not enough people, lots of weather, lots of busy traffic.

It can be frustrating, working when it’s busy. There are a lot of people who all want something from you right now. It could be easy to forget that they don’t hear or see all the other people asking for your attention at a given moment. They’re not being irritating on purpose.

I say that to my son a lot, who has some trouble with attributing motivation to others. “They’re not doing anything to you on purpose!” I tell him. “Things happen, that you don’t want, and no-one is out to get you.” It’s a downside of human self-centeredness. We are at the center of our own narratives, after all. Why should we not be the center of eveyone else’s?

But, we’re not. The three pilots who all called on different frequencies at the same time wanting clearances, they are not out to get me. They are just people flying home after a weekend at the cabin up north, with their kids and their dogs and their dirty laundry and their fishing gear. I don’t know what sort of weekend they had, whether the fish were biting or they bickered with their spouse or their kids got into a fight as they were loading the plane. I can’t give the pilot who is calling me a good weekend all by myself.

But I could certainly make the trip home unpleasant, if I wanted to. I could be snippy and insulting, I could make the three hour flight home in gorgeous sunshine something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

I could, but I try to avoid it.

If I do my job right, the pilot doesn’t think about me in the slightest once they have landed. If I do my job right, they don’t think of me again. If I do my job right it’s not personal, not petty, not mean and vindictive.

I tell my kids that every time someone does something irritating, you have a chance to either make things better or worse. When three pilots call at once, and they talk so damn slowly, and they have bad radios, and they have tons of questions, I become irritated. But while I can’t control what they do, I can control what I do. I can choose the sort of person I want to be. I can choose to make things better or make them worse.

I don’t always make the choice that I respect later. I’m not some paragon of virtue. But I try to be pleasant, to be calm, to be helpful and clear and maintain a good tone. I think about the pilots and their passengers and what I would want were I in their place.

It doesn’t make the work any less complicated. But it sometimes makes it less frustrating.

2. The gasps and cries of pain in many animated shows sound rather … sexual. I notice it more in anime. I don’t know if that’s because there’s more of this sort of … ambiguity … in anime, or if I merely notice it more there.

3. To the people who put Chicks Dig Comics up on the internet, and to the people who are downloading and reading it illegally —

I am so glad you love the book. I am so glad you love comics, and you want to read more from some of the women who love comics the way you do. If Chicks Dig Comics is not available where you are, I understand your frustration. I, too, am irritated when I *want* to spend my money on something and am not able to buy the thing in question.I hope that you love the pirated copy you are reading. I hope you tell your friends how great the book is.

And I hope that, when you are given the opportunity to buy a copy of Chicks Dig Comics, you do so. Buy a copy for your local library! Or send a copy to a friend. Buy a copy and write “LENDING COPY” in really big letters on the back cover and leave it in your local coffee shop.

I hope that you spread the word and encourage people to buy copies of Chicks Dig Comics.

4. In other news, I am watching Sailor Moon S for the first time. See point 2, above. Erm.

At any rate, the English dub and the English subtitles do not match AT ALL. There are two almost entirely different stories going on, here. (I’ve read up on the situation on TV Tropes and various wikis, and I understand this is A Thing with Sailor Moon. But, SHEESH.)

Also, we can put this in the same category with Seventh-Doctor-and-Ace Doctor Who in the sense that, if I had seen this when it originally aired, I might have come out sooner. I didn’t see Ace until a couple years ago, but she is exactly what I would have had a raging crush on when I was younger. Ditto Sailor Uranus.

5. I have gotten up to the rise of Augustus in The History of Rome podcast (which I am still loving.) And it’s making me want to re-watch HBO’s Rome series. Despite the historical inaccuracies of the show.


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