June 26 2012

1. I took yesterday off work, hoping that if I didn’t talk my voice might recover. This seems to have not quite worked, as I have a persistent cough and my voice is still gone.

2. I did read two and a half books yesterday.

3. This is the History of Rome podcast I’ve been mentioning. One hundred and seventy-nine parts, around two hundred episodes, each between fifteen and forty minutes in length. I love it.

4. J and I have been working through the Sherlock commentary tracks, and thoroughly enjoying same.

5. I am grumpy about the new schedule software work is using, and the various stipulations the union agreed to regarding said scheduling software. To complain about it would bore you all to tears, so I will leave my grumpiness at this juncture.

6. It’s been a pretty good few weeks, no, possibly even months, with the kids. I keep thinking that each age they are at is my favorite, and then the next age comes along and I like that even better.

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