July 5 2012

1. My family went on vacation yesterday. Without me, as I need to stay home and work, and take care of the animals, and go to CONvergence.

2. I miss them already.

3. Yesterday I went to lunch by myself, saw a movie, and ran a couple of errands. It was … pleasant.

4. The movie I saw was Prometheus, which other people have already discussed the many flaws of. I will say that it was a very, very pretty collection of sets of gorgeous cheekbones set amidst some very large plot holes.

5. I have a checklist of living things in the house that I need to check on or attend to every day. This is why the pet-acquisition rules are as follows*:

Must not predate on or be predated upon by existing household members.
Must be acquired legally.
Must be kept in existing structures happily without extensive modifications.
Must not effluviate noxious substances onto my possessions. (The dogs are grandfathered in.)
I do not take care of them, J does all the work.

I, of course, take care of them when she is out of town. But it’s not an amount of work I care to do every day.

6. We have lush, gorgeous raspberries growing in our yard. I am eating them every day.

7. We saw Brave earlier this week! The kids loved it, I cried a lot, it was good.

8. CONvergence starts today! I’m off to the con this afternoon, after physical therapy and a quick grocery trip. I tried to get groceries yesterday, but everything was closed for the holiday. :/

9. I miss my kids so much.


* So, for instance, no getting flying foxes. You can’t get or keep them legally, they would be attacked by the dogs, they would poop and pee on my things, and we would need to build a roost. No getting otters, we would need to construct a pool and mudhouse, and you cannot keep or acquire them legally. Chickens are a possibility, once the dogs die, unless J wants to convert the shed into a heated coop. Which is really pushing the “lives in existing structures” clause. No sloths, no wombats, no sugar gliders, and not even any new cats until the dogs die. (Our dogs are cat-chasers.) But anything legal that can live happily in a 60-gallon terrarium is just peachy-keen.


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