CONvergence day 1

I am writing this last night. Erm. This morning. I am pre-writing this at a quarter after midnight, and setting it to post, because I do not know if I will be awake early enough to write it. So, tired and incoherent it is.

I am setting the alarm for 9:00, though, because I need to wake up and order circus tickets before I go back to the con.

A few things about the convention, in no particular order:

1. The panels went well! They were light and funny, and in the How to Talk To Girls at Con panel I think we ran along the line of giving serious advice while telling funny stories and jokes.

2. The Changing Roles of Women in Comics panel was also fun and funny. We touched on a couple serious moments, but since the roles of women in comics are changing, and largely for the better, some recent things notwithstanding, it was mostly positive.

3. Registration was a bit bolloxed when I was there. Lots of lines.

4. 4900 people pre-registered. By 4:00 on Thursday afternoon the hotel air conditioning was really struggling.

5. Ops has made a serious effort this year to make everyone aware of the sexual harassment policies. Moreover, parties were invited to participate in a Safe Space program, in which their parties are labelled Safe Space, and the party organizers are given means to contact Ops for assistance. My favorite sign is “COSTUMES ARE NOT CONSENT.”

6. I had not realized quite how awesome the Guest of Honor panel is this year. I may need to get to some of the GoH events.

Okay. Fall down go sleep now. Schedule post for morning.

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