July 10 2012

1. Important things first, I have now received FOUR postcards from my children while they are on vacation without me. This is the best thing ever, except for the part where I cried when I read them.

Well, that part wasn’t terrible. I love them, and I miss them, and we are in an age of constant communication and updates, and I am used to knowing what’s going on with them all the time — and I don’t have that. It’s tricky.

2. On the way home from work yesterday I stopped by the pet store to buy chewies for the dogs. Guilt-related chewies, for leaving them alone so much this weekend. The chewies would perhaps have been more useful had I gotten them before the weekend, as dog-entertainment, but I didn’t think of that. So they are apologies instead.

Not that the dogs care.

3. I started a new mystery series, the Nell Sweeney books. Victorian-era Boston, a woman confined to a wheelchair and her lower-class Irish-born female servant solve crimes. I am intrigued by the concept. If, as Scalzi puts it, being a straight white male is playing life on the lowest difficulty setting, then this character premise seems to be at a higher level of challenge. I want to see what happens.

4. I made the Oatmeal Raisin cookies from The Joy of Cooking, substituting in mixed dried fruit and coconut for the raisins. The result is … very hard to stop eating.

5. Yesterday I worked out for the first time since before CONvergence. Ow. Ow, I say.


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