July 11 2012

1. I am marathoning the television show Flashpoint. It’s on NetFlix Watch Instantly, if you have that. It’s a Canadian show about a Strategic Response Unit, somewhat analogous to a SWAT team. Except the SRU is about negotiating and talking people down from things. Only if all the words fail do they shoot people. My favorite episodes are the ones where no-one dies.

If I ever get a superpower, I want it to be the ability to talk people into things.

2. I am glad I got up and jogged with the dog early, it’s supposed to get pretty hot today.

3. I talked to my family on Skype yesterday! They are all enjoying their vacation.

4. I think I’m going to go see Amazing Spider-Man today.


2 Responses

  1. So… You want to be a Bene Geserit?

  2. @JenN I don’t know Dune well enough to answer that!

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