A return to weight training!

I have tendonitis in both elbows, have had it for the last year or so. The last six months were particularly bad as the tendonitis started to impede the use of my hands. So I quit a number of things, like shooting in my trap league, using the rowing machine at the Y, and weight training. I went to physical therapy, I monitored my ergonomics, and I did the stretches and exercises as proscribed.

Yesterday I resumed weight training!

(I say I have tendonitis rather than I had tendonitis because it’s the sort of thing that, once you get it, it lurks. Like a trick knee that you blew out playing volleyball at age nineteen, or a disc that slipped once five years ago and sends alarming twinges your way when you stoop to retrieve a shoe. I’m now at-risk for elbow and wrist pain, and will always have to be on guard.)

For those of you new to the blog, I love weight training. Or, weight lifting. I like hoisting massive hunks of iron around, and especially from the floor to above my head in one smooth motion. (The clean and press. I love it. The only weightlifting move I love more is the deadlift.) I also love the rowing machine, and I have come to love jogging. But weight training is my favorite.

Yesterday’s workout was very tentative, very cautious. I lifted for fifteen minutes only, lighter weights. No barbells. I think I have to give up barbells. My wrists and elbows just don’t approve of heavy barbell lifts. But that’s okay! I can do dumbbell and kettlebell lifts with proper wrist-elbow alignment. I can start over, basically, with lighter weights, and make sure my form is excellent.

I ran a bit yesterday, rowed for five minutes, did weights, and then did fifteen minutes of the bodyweight and mobility exercises I’ve been doing for the last three months. Watching my daughter’s summer gymnastics class (during the two months off from circus there’s a special gymanstics class for circus kids who want to stay in form) is especially inspiring on the bodyweight exercise front.

No, wait, not inspiring. The other thing. Soul-crushing.

Well, no, actually, I’m kidding about that. It is inspiring to watch them. As long as I firmly recall that I am thirty-nine years old and weight three hundred pounds, and I will never in my life be a twelve-year-old gymnast. Which is an easy thing to keep in mind.

So I do planks and supermans and hollows and leg lifts and my daughter times me and says encouraging remarks, and then she practices her contortion moves and works on her handstand push-ups while I time her and make encouraging remarks. We share the experience of working out together, while we have different goals.

But, ohhh, I am so happy to be medically cleared for weight training. I love the measurement of it all, the specificity of goals and accomplishments. I went back on Fitocracy for the first time in months, so pleased to have lifts to record. And, I just love being this fat no-longer-young woman who walks into the free weights and begins slinging a kettlebell around. It’s visible strength, visible power. I like having that.


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  1. Go Sigrid! I’m very happy for you getting through enough physical therapy that you can do activities you enjoy again.

    I have been doing PT for my knees since March. It helps a lot, but is not going to correct the tears in my left meniscus or the osteoarthritis that puts pressure on my ACL. However, I can do aikido if I am careful about good form. Repeated testing consistenly shows that even limited Scottish dancing causes problems. It may be the standing around in thin leather slippers rather than actually dancing. In any case, I am going to have to stop until after I get serious medical intervention. I’ll find out about the medical intervention options next week.

    What this means in practice is that I work out at lunch most days. I’m doing light weight training for my arms and shoulders twice a week to balance out all the lower body exercises. Plus planks and core exercises because core strength is key for healthy knees. Who knew? I still want 6-pack abs by my 50th birthday. I’m not sure I can get there in six weeks. I’d have to seriously cut my eating to get the muscles to show. Unreasonable goals aside, I’m pretty happy with my condition for my age.

  2. @Lynn Yeah, I’ve had to give up barbell lifting. Because I am *not* a twenty-year-old guy. But there are options! Kettlebells, for instance! Which I also enjoy.

    I hope the medical intervention conversation goes smoothly, in a direction that gives you some satisfaction.

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