Battleship. Yes, the movie Battleship.

I took M to see a movie yesterday afternoon. He wanted to see Ice Age 3, to which I said absolutely not. I wanted to see Batman, but I knew he would not enjoy it. We compromised on a second-run showing of Battleship, the which he had already seen but wanted to see again.

Spoilers for the movie Battleship follow.


Spoilers ahead.


Here’s your chance to bail, people reading this in an RSS aggregator!


Okay —

1. Alexander Skarsgaard is in this! I didn’t know that! Sadly, he did not take his shirt off very much.

2. I also did not know that Jesse Plemmons is in this, as well as Taylor Kitsch! I kept wondering if they had a good working relationship after Friday Night Lights. Like, was this a happy reunion for them? Did they slip and call each other Landry and Riggins?

3. Rihanna did a perfectly nice job. Her role didn’t have a ton to it, but she didn’t ham it up, overact, underact, scene-steal, or any number of other things a superstar from another field might be inclined to do. She acted her part, fit into her role, and seemed to relish the physical stunt-work that I saw her doing.

4. I love the fact — purely love the fact — that the alien invasion would have succeeded without the vital roles played by a physical therapist and a veteran who is a double-amputee. The movie had four major roles played by people of color, plus minor speaking parts, plus walk-ons. The movie had two lead roles for women, neither of whom were walking stereotypes. The movie had a lead role for the differently abled. It had minor but key roles for the elderly.

Why the ever-loving fuck do other movies seems to find this so hard to accomplish? This is a film based on a toy. It’s a summer explosion-fest. It’s a feel-good-America mindless piece of predictable. And it still manages to have more diverse casting than the highly-touted and much-lauded The Avengers.

5. I cried when the retired crew of the battleship stepped forward to serve again. Cried. I am a sucker, an absolute unashamed sucker, for ordinary people who run towards the sound of gunfire.

6. I close my eyes when watching movies or tv shows in which skyscrapers fall. In which the girders and glass rain down and huge waves of dust and debris chase running suit-clad pedestrians up narrow urban streets.


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  1. Loved the local Hawaii actors who had local lines and looked like they were from Hawaii not like dog the bounty hunter or Hawaii five LOL

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