New thoughts on Twitter use

I love Twitter.

I truly love this particular social media property. Twitter is the thing that lets me stay in contact, asynchronously, with my friends and communities. I work weekends and odd schedules, I’m busy, my friends live across the world — Twitter is how I keep in contact.

And yet, I’ve been avoiding Twitter for a few weeks now.

I think it’s clear that something has happened that I was not expecting. Something new to me. There are so many people on Twitter that I want to follow, want to stay in touch with, that I can’t keep up. I have to stop following so many folks.

I’m not particularly pleased with this. I like being up on the conversations that my intelligent friends have with their other intelligent friends, even if I am only slightly acquainted with the other party. I like getting to know people I only see once or twice a year at conventions, I like seeing the shape of their lives. And I like keeping up with local friends I never see. But as interesting as all y’all are, I can’t keep up.

So I’m trimming my follow list on Twitter.

This is kinda weird.


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