Links to a few worthy things

1. Winter’s Tale. Kelly Sue DeConnick is doing a collaborative comic with Winter, a child she met at a con. The project is about Ninja Princess and her Cheerleader Rock Star Friends vs. Zombie Vampire Ninjas. There will also be robots. You are invited to play along.

2. Leaving Megalopolis is a Kickstarter project. It’s a comic by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore (the team who brought you much of Secret Six.) It looks funny and horrid and great and darkly wonderful.

3. Elizabeth Bear has a great story up at, Faster Gun. Doc Holliday is always a positive feature, in my book. I think the line I liked the most is “He had that concentrated look of a professional—surgeon, gambler,
hex, or shootist—considering a selection of inadequate options.”

This is the sort of line that you need in your fiction. It tells you about the world — that there are surgeons, gamblers, that there is a job called a hex that will likely be important to this story. It carries the action forward — the person being described is doing something which is causing the observer to ponder this. It tells you something about the character being observed — his look, manner, and possibly his skills and feelings. And it also tells you something about the character doing the observing — that this is the kind of person who is familiar with shooters and hexes enough to have opinions about them.

It’s a good sentence.

4. Kady Cross’s Girl in the Steel Corset is a book very much up my alley. It is openly and avowedly “let’s do steampunk X-Men!!!” and I love that.

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