Things I Like: Daniel Govar’s “X-Men Days of Future Past”

Daniel Govar’s X-Men Days of Future Past


The “Days of Future Past” storyline, AU, world, plot, or whatever it happens to be is a part of X-Men comics that I … don’t always like. I like the fact that it gave us Rachel, I like the very first, original, story. I like some of the repercussions since then. But there’s a lot of crazy wacky later additions I tend to ignore.

That’s okay. I’m an X-Men fan. We are used to this sort of mental shenanigans.

But Daniel Govar’s illustration, above, is like my dream of DFP. Kitty is adult, clearly in charge, leading the tattered remnants of the X-Men. Alex and Lorna are the heavy hitters, along with Lockheed. Pete and Logan are the brawlers. Ororo is part of the team. Illyana is … creepy, which I love.

But what I love, what I love most about this illustration, is who is looking at whom and what Sekrit Messages this sends the fanon in my head.

I particularly love that this is framed by Rachel the Hound’s gaze. We’re looking over her shoulder. We see what she sees. Kitty is staring at her, daring her to do something. I imagine the next moment after this picture and I like what I see. I like how the story after this moment plays out in my head.

Thank you, Mr. Govar. I really like your art.


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