The 70th Worldcon, aka Chicon 7

I have learned a great deal from attending my first Worldcon:

What diseases are most likely to cause the next human pandemic, and what diseases Seanan McGuire wishes the next pandemic will be.

How to not apply a tourniquet for a human bleeding out anally.

What “harrowing” means in a panel description.

That John Scalzi really is actually as charming and funny as everyone said — it wasn’t merely internet hype.

Myke Cole is a delightful panelist, and his book Shadow Ops: Control Point is, so far, entertaining. (I bought it after meeting him, and haven’t finished the book yet.)

How a SFWA buisness meeting goes, and what sorts of things are decided.

That I approve of the current SFWA board — I like their energy and drive.

That the Hugo Awards this year were full of so many fantastic nominees that, no matter who won, I was elated and disappointed in nearly every single category.

I still am not keen on parties.

Conversation with incredibly smart, articulate people on topics of mutual interest is always my favorite thing at conventions.

I can’t go anywhere without my kids, but that I buy them presents.

It’s been a good con, folks. Good con.


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